Job Description



Amanecer Community Counseling Service has been providing comprehensive mental-health services to children, adults and families since 1975. Our client base has changed and grown in complexity though the years, but our commitment to the minority population of Los Angeles has been unwavering. We have adapted to meet these challenges by focusing on eliminating barriers to care for our clients. We have increased their access to services by providing outreach and treatment to families in their homes, schools, welfare offices and other community settings. Amanecer’s programs have expanded to address the increased need for specialized behavioral health services, which are provided by a professional staff that is 70% bilingual/bicultural Spanish-speaking.

From executive leadership and therapists, to case managers and administrative support, our staff is committed to honoring the trust clients place in Amanecer by upholding our values of Community Service, Integrity, Respect, Quality and Dignity.

Amanecer Community Counseling Service is looking for a high caliber Executive Director to lead the organization and ensure it stays aligned with its vision and mission, and achieves its strategies and objectives. To advance and achieve the mission and vision, the Executive Director must oversee the development and execution of a strategic plan, including goals and measureable benchmarks. The Executive Director is also responsible for fostering and maintaining a culture that promotes employee enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence. Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to the overall management of the organization’s operations, including fundraising, operations, programs, human resources, finance, and community relations.

SUMMARY OF POSITION: The Executive Director is responsible for the leadership of Amanecer Community Counseling Service and for the implementation of its mission and vision. To advance and achieve the mission and vision, the Executive Director must oversee the development and execution of a strategic plan, including goals and measureable benchmarks Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to fundraising, fiscal accountability, program development, and effective marketing and communications, including branding and public relations. The Executive Director is responsible for maintaining the relationship with Community Partners.



  1. Leadership and Strategy: Provide effective leadership of the organization and operations across all sites and functions.
  • Provide leadership, working alongside the Board of Directors, in establishing the vision, strategic direction and goals for the organization.
  • Leads the Executive Team in the successful implementation of a strategic plan for achieving the Agency’s vision and goals.
  • Assure development of a sound annual operating plans, programs, and budgets that align with and advance the strategic goals.
  • Development of organizational capability – teams and individuals including people, roles, structure and processes.
  • Development of strategic long-term plans and supporting tactical plans and program development.
  • Ensure adherence to all County, State and Federal regulatory and compliance expectations.
  • Establish and build collaborative relationships with external professional and community stakeholders.
  • Provide direct support to the Board of Directors in its governance role, serve as ex officio non-voting member, and nurture its ongoing development.

  1. Development: Working alongside the Board of Directors, builds and strengthens the income development capability of Amanecer CCS, as well as increase donor support.
  • Assess the current state of the organization's fund-raising program.
  • Develop and implement a fund-raising strategy/plan that is aligned with the organization's long-term strategic plan.
  • Works with Board of Directors to leverage contacts and resources to expand donor/resource base.
  • Maintains a pipeline of prospects and donors, with a focus on high-potential gifts/grant opportunities.
  • Ensure that all fund-raising events meet objectives and the highest level of quality.


  1. Marketing and Communications: Develop and maintain a marketing and communication platform to promote Amanecer CCS’s mission, vision and values.
  1. Lead the organization in building and maintaining a positive public perception and reputation of Amanecer CCS in the community.
  2. Cultivate relationships with community, business leaders, public officials and other outside stakeholders.
  3. Act as a leader in advocacy in to influence public policy on Federal, State, County and local issues relating to mental health and the population we serve.
  4. Be a spokesperson on behalf of the organization to the community and the media on various advocacy matters.
  5. Build collaborative partnerships with mental health and other community organizations and actively participate in ACHSA meetings and committees.
  6. Ensure that all marketing materials and communications are in line with the agencies mission, vision and values.



  1. Financial Management/Budgets: Provide effective oversight and leadership of Amanecer CCS’s financial performance.
  1. Lead efforts to build and maintain financial strength, ensuring cost-effective strategies to adjust to the changing economic and financial needs of the organization and protect its financial resources.
  2. Responsible for ensuring compliance for all federal, state, and county audit requirements.
  3. Ensure that financial systems and policies comply with relevant legislation and regulations.
  4. Reports activities that meet the requirements of funding agencies, professional organizations and other outside funders.
  5. Ensure long-term planning for capital needs, business and information management systems, and capacity growth anticipates and meets the organization’s future needs as articulated in the strategic plan.
  1. Program/Grant Management: Provides leadership and oversite to ensure Programs meet objectives and goals.
  1. Develops, plans and participates in the development of programs for funding from public agencies and private and voluntary organizations.
  2. Develops and maintains close working relationships with federal, state and local public officials, executives of voluntary agencies, community leaders and other key representatives serving the community.
  3. Ensures close monitoring and evaluating of program activities, effectiveness and compliance.
  1. Board Development/Relations: Develop and maintain a strong working relationship with the Board of Directors, ensuring open communication and collaboration.
  1. Work closely with the Board to provide leadership in exploring the needs of the community and evaluating opportunities for the organization’s future, making sound recommendations for Board consideration.
  2. Provide the Board with regular assessments and reports of progress toward goals, including agency, program, and financial reports.
  3. Ensure that the Board has the critical information necessary to consider issues and make decisions in a timely manner concerning policy, strategic direction, legal, and other issues.
  4. Collaborate with the Board in planning for and recruiting new Board and Committee members.
  5. Collaborating with the president, educate, orient, and engage current board members in fund raising efforts; create and implement new fundraising initiatives/approaches/goals for members.


  1. Advanced degree such as an MBA, MPA, MSW/MFT or in another related area, or a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 5 to 7 years of experience in an executive level position.
  2. 3 to 5 year working in a non-profit setting preferred.
  3. Experience with Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health contracts is highly desirable.
  4. Bilingual Spanish Speaking preferred.




  1. Knowledge of public mental health system.
  2. Demonstrated ability and commitment to working in multiethnic, multicultural settings.
  3. Solid strategic, tactical and implementation skills.
  1. Exceptional interpersonal and networking skills, strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to interact with diverse audiences from community members to public officials.
  1. Demonstrate exemplary integrity, character and ethical behavior.
  2. All employees, regardless of position, serve as role models for clients served by our agency.  Therefore, each employee must be emotionally stable and able to function effectively with children, adolescents, and adults who may have mental or behavioral health problems.  The staff must be able to demonstrate appropriate daily behavior, appropriate expression of emotions, as well as appropriate role modeling.  Hostility, verbal aggression, unnecessary or inappropriate physical actions, and inappropriate emotional expression are not acceptable.



  1. Work is normally performed in a typical interior/office work environment.
  2. Limited physical effort required.
  3. Work environment involves minimal exposure to physical risks, such as operating dangerous equipment or working with chemicals.

Equal Opportunity Employer (M/F/D/V)