Job Description

SUMMARY OF POSITION: The Outreach & Engagement (O&E) Specialist is a new position at Amanecer created to help the agency meet the goals of its Six-Year Strategic Plan, specifically as it relates to the agency’s goal of compliance with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The O&E Specialist will play a vital role in building and maintaining partnerships and collaborations with primary care, healthcare and social services providers throughout the agency’s service areas, with the goal of reducing the stigma associated with mental illness and seeking help for mental health issues, providing increased access to mental health services, and expanding the agency’s reach to marginalized populations.




  1. Establish and maintain professional relationships with key staff in priority primary care and medical facilities and social service agencies to build client referral mechanisms and promote cross-referral opportunities.
  2. Provide quality customer service with established collaborative partners through outreach, education, training and troubleshooting.
  3. Utilize effective selling skills and product knowledge to educate targeted health care professionals and their staff regarding stigma issues related to mental health, and specific mental health programs available at Amanecer.
  4. Produce self-generated leads, conduct outreach and thorough follow-up with all potential client referral sources to create pipeline of clients for Amanecer programs.
  1. Daily tracking and monthly analysis of outreach efforts.
  2. Develop and maintain referral database.
  3. Collaborate with agency staff to develop and produce marketing materials for referral sources and potential clients.
  1. Collaborate with internal stakeholders to develop and evaluate client enrollment; utilization and retention of services, and outcome measures.
  2. Prepare and conduct presentations to service area medical clinics and social service agencies.
  3. Respect and adhere to the policies and procedures of the organization, as well as professional rules of ethics and legal practices.
  4. Actively participate in all required meetings, trainings, and other activities as directed.
  5. Comply with HIPAA requirements of privacy and access of records.
  6. Work collaboratively with administrative and clinical professionals, including therapists, case managers, and support staff.
  7. Perform other duties and tasks appropriate to the position as assigned by director.




  1. Two (2) years of job-related experience providing medical, mental health or substance abuse-focused services to individuals with chronic medical conditions and/or severe and persistent mental illness.
  2. Bilingual Spanish proficiency required.
  3. Ability to cultivate and develop relationships with diverse community organizations, for the purpose of providing services to consumers.
  4. California Driver License with clean driving record necessary for insurance.




  1. Experience working with multi-ethnic clients and communities.
  2. Experience working with community and government agencies.
  3. Prefer at least 2 years direct outreach/marketing/sales experience in healthcare, mental health care, or non-profit industry.
  4. Knowledge of principles, practices, and trends in outreach service coordination.
  5. Ability to plan and implement comprehensive outreach programs/initiatives for targeted populations.
  6. Ability to manage diverse projects, be flexible, and work collaboratively.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and written, which includes correspondence and reports.
  8. Basic computer skills and typing proficiency.
  9. All employees, regardless of position, serve as role models for the clients who are served by our agency.  Therefore, each employee must at all times be emotionally stable and able to function effectively with children, adolescents, and adults who may act out mental or behavioral health problems.  The staff must be able to demonstrate appropriate daily behavior, appropriate expression of emotions, as well as appropriate role modeling.  Hostility, verbal aggression, unnecessary or inappropriate physical actions and gestures, and inappropriate emotional expression are not acceptable.WORKING CONDITIONS AND PHYSICAL EFFORT:
  1. Work is normally performed in a typical interior/office work environment. Some positions require employees provide field-based services, in this case, to meet with prospects and community partners at their place of business.
  2. Physical effort required includes typing, standing, sitting, bending, and stooping.
  3. Work environment involves minimal exposure to physical risks, such as operating dangerous equipment or working with chemicals.